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Beyond Digital Banking, Money transfer & Financial management

Beyond Digital Banking, Money transfer and Financial management
Iyiebo Pay is the brand you trust and know. It's secure,fast,reliable and ready anytime you are.

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More than a Digital Banking and Money transfer
Iyiebo Pay is the brand you trust and know. It's secure,fast,reliable and ready anytime you are.

Iyiebo Pay explained

What is Iyiebo Pay?
Iyiebo Pay is more than a digital banking or Money transfer.it is a service offered to Iyiebo customers, and any businesses or any individuals and you are enabled to use it wherever you see it — whether that is clicking the " Pay with Iyiebo Pay button" when checking out on your favorite online stores, managing your payment methods in your account on Iyiebo.com or using Iyiebo Pay . There are no additional sign-ups or sign-ins. Your transactions are safe and secure, and everything can be tracked in your Iyiebo Pay account.

Why should I use Iyiebo Pay over other existing digital banking , Money transfer options?
Iyiebo Pay is more than existed digital banking and money transfer , we are the way to check out quickly and securely online, and your eligible purchases of physical goods , or pay someone are protected by our frauds detection service Guarantee. We bring to you all existing traditional banking service online and once your Iyiebo Pay account created was activate and used during almost 3 month above , you will be eligible to use our extra service "Purchase now and Pay later service" and "Purchase now and Pay later little by little 6" without charge back in timing.

Can I order online ticket, pay bills or purchases of physical goods with Iyiebo Pay?
Yes just open your new Bank Account on Iyiebo Pay today , by clicking on "Sign Up" or "Business & Personal Registration" once your account is created , the next step is to loading your new bank account with funds to proceed using it to order online ticket, pay bills or purchases of physical goods with Iyiebo Pay wherever you see it

What about currencies issues for us Businesses with remote customers?
Yes, you must open Merchant account to be able to access our multi-currencies service. Once you have merchant account ,this account will be able to accept any currencies coming from your remote customers

Can I integrate Iyiebo Pay APIs into my online or offline businesses?
Yes, we have made it easier for your businesses. Just start by having a merchant digital bank account with Iyiebo Pay, then from your digital bank account you will create what we call "code possip" and get access to your APIs link you can integrate into your online businesses, but you may be able to remotely accept payment also if you have offline business by printing your Iyiebo Pay QR code located under QR Service in your digital bank account, print it anywhere you think your customer can see it and ask to your customers to scan this QR code using Iyiebo QR Scanner located in their Iyiebo Pay digital bank account to initiate any transaction with your businesses.

As Merchant can my businesses be listed too under "Shop or Pay Now" Service?
Yes as merchants your businesses can be listed under our service "Shop or Pay Now" without any cost because we want you to succeed but your businesses must be screening firstly by our financial team before any approval. So we are asking you to apply right now by contacting our financial team via our customer service and the processing time will not take more than 48hrs , you will be notified about approval as soon as possible.

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