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Digital Merchant Bank's Buyer Protection

IPay Mean "Iyiebo Payment" and ZPay Mean "Zoom Payment"

1. "IPay or ZPay"is Buyer Protection

1.1 Types of Problems protected by IPay Buyer's under Iyiebo "Trade Assurance Protection" service, helps you if you had these problems:
  • The product has minor scratches and was listed as used condition
  • Product Paid online Not Received : You did not receive the product you paid for with IPay or You received an Product you paid for with IPay but it is Significantly Not as Described when you paid.
  • The product was advertised as original but is not original or it was properly described but you didn't want it after you received it, did not meet your expectations as described.
  • The product is missing major parts or features which were not disclosed in its description when you bought the product.
  • You bought products from a Supplier but only received their total number.
  • The Product was materially damaged during shipment.
  • You received a completely different Product or an empty box you got.
  • The condition of the product was wrong, when you bought the supplier said new but the product was used.

2. Eligibility Requirements to this service. Noted : To be eligible for Iyiebo Payment Processor Buyer's Protection you must meet all of the following requirements please:

  • Have a Business Account,or Personal Account in good state
  • You must send to IPay all details, if Ipay request you some documentation, please do it by respecting times.
  • Your payment must be for an eligible product bought or Paid, made from your IPay Account
  • Open a Case Dispute within 180 Days of the date you paid, send it to Iyiebo "Dispute Resolution center"

3. Ineligible product under Iyiebo Buyer is Protection

If you did payments for the following, reimbursement on IPay are not eligible under Buyer's Protection:

  • Mass Payments
  • Personal Payments
  • Financial products and investments
  • Business Payments
  • Gaming and other activity with an entry fee and a prize
  • Send money transactions where the sender pays already a transaction fee
  • Product that violate IPay terms of service
  • You bought product from supplier "Blacklisted" by IPay
  • Product as Giftcards, pre-paid cards
  • Products bought from, an amount paid to a government agency
  • You did payments of donation funds
  • you bought businesses
  • You did crowdfunding payments
  • Boats, vehicles,aircrafts, motorcycles, caravans,Industrial machinery
    • 4. Coverage Funds If you are eligible for IPay Buyer Protection and IPay finds in your favor on your Claim, our service will reimburse you for the full purchase price of the product and original shipping costs. Except for return shipping costs.

      5. Iyiebo First Online Inclusive Marchand Bank Dispute Resolution center If you are unable to resolve a problem directly with a Supplier or the host you paid for with our IPay, you can go to the IPay Resolution Center and follow the instruction:

      • Open a Dispute Case: Open a Dispute Case within 181 Days of the date you made the payment.
      • Fee on Dispute case: USD $ 0.00

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